Koen and Bob Part 1

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Koen and Bob Part 1

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Bob was cruising the beach looking at all the beautiful boys when his
eye caught this one good looking boy who was about 18 - 19 yo. Bob took
a picture of the boy when he noticed that the boy was smiling at him.

The boy wiggled his hand into his shorts and manipulated his package.
This was a hint that the boy was interested in Bob. As Bob sauntered
toward the boy, a sexy smile crossed his lips.
"Hi," Bob said, "you come here often?"
"Only when I'm looking for someone."
"I guess you haven't found him yet."
"I think I just did," said the boy.
"Oh, where is he?"
"Right in front of me," said the boy with a seductive smile of a street
Bob could see that the bulge in the boys pants was more than just his
"Are you interested," said the boy.
"If I think I know what the wwwxxx you're referring to, I am," exclaimed Bob.
"You're right. Do you live nearby?" queried the boy.
"Just a short drive away," responded Bob.

On the way over, Bob found out that the boy's name is Koen, 18yo, a
little over five /feet/">feet tall and as sexy looking as any street slut he
ever had anything to do with.

Koen knew his trade well. He told Bob to undress him. Slowly Bob lifted Koen's shirt over his head, revealing a smooth, unblemished chest with beautiful nipples just waiting to be handled and sucked. Bob moved his hands down Koen's chest to the top of his string-tied shorts. He placed his hands on Koen's naked hips, and slowly lowered the shorts. Koen's dick hardened under the material and pushed against the fabric. As Bob pulled lower, Koen's hard boyhood was angled down under the shorts until the shorts were pulled down so low that the rigid boy flesh sprang up hitting him on his soft belly. Bob took the five inch shaft in his hand a gently pulled back the loose foreskin. Koen moaned in pleasure as his prepuce was pulled back and forth showing the reddening head of his beautiful /boy/boy-cock/">boy cock. Precum was oozing out of the pretty cum slit covering Bob's fingers.

Bob dropped his head to Koen's groin, opened his mouth and took the hot
member into it. Koen gasped and moaned at the wonderful sensation of
Bob's warm, wet mouth around his dick. Bob worked his tongue around the
swelling, leaking head of Koen's shaft while he moved his head up and
down bringing Koen closer and closer to his /climax/">climax.

"Oh, yeah, faster, faster, make me /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-your-mouth/">cum in your mouth," gasped Koen.
Bob moved Keon to the bed room where he laid the boy on double bed.
Before continuing his ministrations, he removed his clothing, exposing
his eight inch shaved cock. He got on wwwxxx top of the /nude/nude-boy/">nude boy in the 69
position with his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls right over Koen's mouth. Bob went down
on Koen sucking the precum out of the cum slit.
Koen bent Bob's cock into his mouth and laved the hard rod with his

"Koen, don't make me cum, I want to save all my juices for your /sweet/">sweet,
soft /cunt/boy-cunt/">boy cunt."
Koen just played with Bob's genitals as Bob continued mouthing the
hard/soft boy shaft.

Koen's body tensed, his cock swelled even more, he dug his heels into
the bed and raised his ass off the bed forcing his sensitive /boy/boy-dick/">boy dick
deep into Bob's mouth rubbing against his soft palate and uvula.
"Suck harder, I'm going to cum. I want to shoot all my spunk down your
throat. Keep sucking! Please, don't stop," moaned and groaned the boy

Koen couldn't hold back any longer and he shot five bullets of boy sperm
down Bob's throat, moaning loudly in sheer delight.
Bob could sense when the boy finished his ejaculating. He moved his
mouth up to the head and sucked the dribbling boy juice out of the
tender cock head.

Koen fell back on the bed panting but satiated.
After a few minutes, Bob gently turned Koen on his belly and said, "Now
it's my turn to cum in your beautiful, soft flower of a boy twat.

(To be continued.)