Swimming pool changing room

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Swimming pool changing room

I'm a very sexual man and I love people seeing me naked, I also swim a lot and recently went to the pool after work to swim a few lengths. Now the changing rooms are unisex but you have to go into a locked cubicle to change. Well this particular day I was feeling really horny and really wanted to show my body off so I went into the men's showers, stripped naked and began to wash myself.

The thought of other people seeing me naked just made me so horny that I pretty much straight away got a massive hardon that was so full on that it was facing in a nearly northern direction with my big purple helmet barely a centimetre from my stomach. Now I know other men saw this and most chose to ignore it but a couple looked for maybe a bit longer than they should.

After wanking for a minute or two I felt that my orgasm was imminent so decided to get out, wrap a towel round myself and walk into the unisex changing area with my erect penis (which now was facing to the left) on show to all under my tight towel. I then spotted a /gorgeous/">gorgeous young lady, about 25 years of age checking me out and giving me a old waman xxxgx cheeky half smile.

She was wearing a pink bikini, had a gorgeous arse and a cracking pair of tits with her nipples slightly showing through her bikini top. I watched her walk towards a cubicle and she began drying herself just outside one so I went into another just opposite knowing that if I left the door slightly open she would be able to see me.

I entered and left the door ajar before dropping my towel to reveal my still semi /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock to bokep sma pecah perawan her through the gap on the door. I began to wank, slowly at first but not for long. Soon I was tugging hard and pulling my foreskin as far back as I could and showing her my full head. I occasionally glanced at her to make sure she was still watching (and she was) as she continued to pretend to still dry herself outside her cubicle.

I was imagining her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples and wondering what her pussy looked like knowing that it would be wet from the joy of watching me wank cock shot out my full load right in front of her eyes. In my moment of /ecstasy/">ecstasy I glanced at her once more as she gave me that dirty cheeky smile again knowing that she had made my day and that I, I suspect, had made hers too. Happy days.