Naughty debbie

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Naughty debbie

I am Debbie, 58 years old and I always felt like I missed out on fun after years of marriage. Soon after I divorced I began an affair with my best friends /son/">son, 30 year old Andy, we slowly got more friendly and I began to flirt with him. Then after a while he came to my house to fix a light, as he was a qualified electrician, and we began our affair. I had no problem with my lights, but he did not mind, he knew straight away that my intention was to have sex with him. We went straight upstairs after I had told him I wanted to fuck him and we had hard rampant sex. The sex was great and we spent the next few months meeting once a week at my house.

Andy had not been married for long, but he said he was a bit sexually bored with his wife Kate although I did not believe that. I know Andy, like most men, cannot turn down the offer of a bit of extra marital sex if it presents itself and I was randy enough to offer myself to him guilt free. Andy did feel guilty about his wife though, but it did not stop us.

There was a xxx /party/">party not long ago, and I was staying at my friends house in the spare room. Andys wife was working the next day, and stayed at home, so I spent the party dancing with Andy and enjoying his company. After the party had finished and everyone had gone home, and Andys parents had gone to bed we both decided to start our own party.

It was getting late now, and Andy was feeling very horny, so I got on my knees and began to suck his cock. It did not take long for me to make him cum and I swallowed as much as I could and then we sat on the sofa and Andy was going to give me /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex, until we heard someone upstairs. His father, John, was moving about and Andy decided he did not want to risk getting caught so we decided to stop and he went home, leaving me sexually frustrated.

I went upstairs to the spare room and as I entered I looked back and saw John. He had come out of the toilet and smiled and asked if I was OK. He had noticed my blouse undone and I was without my bra. I had hoped to sneak into bed without being noticed. I tried to cover myself but now I noticed that John was beginning to get aroused. He had his pants on and I could see his bulge and he saw me looking at him. I then lowered my arms and let my blouse open naturally so that john could see my breasts. Then I smiled entered my room, and sat on my bed.

I had known John and his wife, Jan, all my life, we had all grown up together as friends and were like family. Jan had helped me through my divorce and gave me lots of advice. John had always helped me and was always the gentleman, we had no sexual chemistry and I did not think of him as anything other than a friend, But tonight I was feeling very randy and John was too.

John followed me and pushed me back onto the bed. He closed the door and as I was laying on my back he removed his pants to reveal his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. His cock looked bigger than his sons cock and I could not wait to get it inside me. I removed my clothes and climbed into bed followed by John. Once in bed and the covers over us, john climbed between my legs and I felt him push his cock into my cunt. It felt nice as he began to thrust his hips and kiss me. I tried to keep quiet as we fucked, I did not want to wake up Jan, but it was difficult as I let out little sighs of pleasure. John was panting as he fucked my hole and all of a sudden he groaned loud and he filled my pussy with his spunk. I grabbed his arse cheeks and as his cock began to twitch and deflate I bucked my hips and began to have an orgasm on his now semi errect penis. Then we collapsed next to each other, both very satisfied.

Without saying a word, John got out of bed and returned to his wife. I did not sleep much, I could not stop thinking about the sex and how it would change our friendship. After fucking the son, I was now fucking the father, it was going to be difficult satisfying them both, but I was very aroused porn videos download at the thought of it and I wanted them both.

The next morning I lay in bed and began to masturbate while thinking about last night. I thought about Andys hard cock and comparing it to his fathers slightly larger one. I made myself cum thinking about fucking them both at the same time, but I knew it would only remain a thought. Then I went downstairs and acted like everything was normal.

I continued my affair with Andy and then I carried on the affair with his father whenever we got the chance. I was enjoying the attention and felt very excited as I enjoyed both men on separate days, then one day as I had just started unhurried sex with John at my house I heard the door unlock. I had given Andy a key so that he could let himself in and join me in bed before he went to work, but this wasnt Andys day, and I was not expecting him. As the door opened and I heard him call my name, I panicked and told John to hide in the other bedroom.

Andy climbed the stairs, just as his father hid in the other room. My heart was pounding as Andy entered my bedroom and said he was feeling hot and wanted to fuck me quickly before he went home. It was too late now, John would now be aware of my secret, and I was expecting him to enter the room shouting, but he stayed hidden not wanting to be found out. Andy then unzipped himself and pushed me onto the bed and began to fuck me. I layed still, not sure what to do, I was /scared/">scared but Andy was quick and finished shooting his load into my hole. We then sat on the bed for a few minutes talking and then he left.

As soon as Andy had gone, John entered the room. I thought I was in trouble, but he looked at me in shock. Then all of a sudden he came close and pushed me on the bed like his son did a little while ago and got between my legs and pushed his hard cock into my spunk filled hole. Seeing me after Andy had fucked me turned him on. He fucked me hard and quickly shot his hot sticky cum inside me. I had now had my pussy filled by both men and my heart was pounding. John then got off me and even though he was angry afterwards, we spoke and he accepted it.

I am now fucking Andy and John on a weekly basis. It took John a while to get used to me fucking his son, but he has accepted it and I enjoy them both in equal measures. Although sex with father and son is similar, Andy is after a quick hard, /rough/rough-fuck/">rough fuck and John likes the slow long /sensual/sensual-sex/">sensual sex, so I have got the best of both worlds, both have enough stamina for me to handle. It is nice being able to have both of their cocks, but someday I would love to fuck them both at the same time, who knows it may happen sometime, but until then I will continue to have my naughty fun.