Summer Vacation Part 1

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Summer Vacation Part 1

Summer Vacation Part 1
Eduardo Alvirez squeezed the brakes of his Bianchi Milano bike as he reached the bicycle parking lot outside Heaven, a diner that was located by South Beach. As he chained his bike, he glanced at his Swatch Skin in iron grey and realized that he was ten-minutes early for his shift at Heaven. So, Eduardo headed down to the beach to kill some time.

Although it was just seven-forty in the morning, people had started to flock down to the beach in swarms. A mini-van, colorfully painted like the Time Machine, stopped under a Californian palm and five surfer dudes got out. They were all in their surfing jams and body-hugging T, except for a blonde who was in an unbuttoned white shirt and red speedo. He seemed to be the youngest among the pack, judging from his average build and size. Eduardo felt butterfly fluttering in his stomach as he got a better view of the blonde while he was unloading the surfing boards from the van. He looked like he was in his late teens, similarly for Eduardo. He has piercing blue eyes, chiseled features that resembled Tom Welling, perfectly tanned skin and a slightly muscular body from surfing. The blonde turned as he felt being observed from afar. 

"Shoot", Eduardo muttered under his breath and immediately turned away to walk down the beach in the opposite direction.

As Eduardo was strolling down the beach and recalling how handsome the blonde twink looks, a group of teenage girls in their bikinis passed cat calls and giggles at him.

" buns," one of them called out as she waved to him. Eduardo could only smile to such praises.

Eduardo Alvirez wasn't less of a looker either. At almost eighteen, he resembles Enrique Iglesias, the Latin heartthrob. He has short brown hair with blonde highlights, a flawless face like the boys from the Bel Ami videos, and a sculpted body. He is an eye-candy to girls; however he isn't attracted to them. He knew that he was gay since he was fifteen and had never tried sleeping with another man. There had been times when he was tempted to, but realized that he wanted to share the moment with someone special, someone whom he really loves, someone right for him. Not just anybody. 

As Eduardo heard the giggles fade away, he turned around to check out the blonde twink once again. He was now nowhere in sight. "He"d probably gone to find a spot with his friends," Eduardo thought. He checked the time again and it read seven fifty. He immediately headed back to Heaven one more time, not wanting Mr Guerrierio; the owner of Heaven a.k.a The Boss; to yell at him for being late.

"Welcome to Heaven. May I take your order please?" Eduardo asked politely from the opposite end of the counter. 

"Can I have a Hot"n spicy classic single with a tall glass of warm milk, honey?" a European man in his mid-thirties winked. 

"Coming right up," Eduardo responded casually, not wanting anybody to find out that the man was obviously flirting with him. He headed into the kitchen to get his customer's orders. For the long two hours that Eduardo had been working, the thought of the blonde twink remained in his mind. How Eduardo had wished the twink would drop by Heaven to grab a bite, only then would he have the chance to see his dream lover again. He pressed the drink machine and warm milk streamed out into a tall glass. Eduardo had also fantasized holding him in his arms, embracing him, making love to him. "That," he sighed, "will never happen." He grabbed a classic single and dropped it into the tray.

"That's five dollars and fifty cents," Eduardo read from the small screen at the top of the cash register.

His customer was now resting an arm on the counter and leaning closer to Eduardo, smiling seductively at him. He reached into the front pocket of his white Dolce & Gabbana shirt and took out a crumpled five dollars bill.

"Thank you. Here's your change, have a great bite," Eduardo said as his customer winked once again before taking off. 

"Hey dude," Eduardo heard a familiar voice called from his back, "I'll take from here." 

He turned and saw his co-worker, Harrison John. Harrison is a skater boy with a great personality. He's two years younger than Eduardo and is working part-time at the diner. He had his spiky hair dyed in electric blue, sexy hazel eyes and smooth fair skin. Eduardo liked his co-worker, especially his lean body, which he saw as the two changed into their uniform in the changing room not too long back. Sadly, Harrison was straight and is currently attached to his cheerleader girlfriend. That puts an end to Eduardo's wildest dream of making out with him. However, they"re still good friends though.

"Right. Catch you later," Eduardo patted Harrison's back and headed for the lockers to collect his bag pack. Then he headed out for the changing room.

As Eduardo walked down the small flight of wooden staircase, he scanned the beach. It was packed with hot bodies tanning under the sun. A group of Abercrombie look-a-like colleague studs were playing Frisbee at an unoccupied open space. Nearby, a Guido was pulling his stunt to a group of elite white female in bikinis. 

Eduardo slung his blue canvas Adidas bag pack over his right shoulder and bent down to unchain his bicycle. As he did so, he heard foot steps approaching him. 

Eduardo turned around and glanced over his left shoulder. Knots began to form in his stomach. He felt his pulse quicken and a cold sweat streamed down his spine. Approaching him was the blonde twink whom he had been dying to see again. He was soaked from head to toe and his wet beautiful body glimmered under the sun. Eduardo felt blood rushing to his cock. As the twink approached closer, Eduardo turned back and fumbled with the chain.

"Excuse me," called the twink, who now stood directly in front of him. Eduardo took a deep breath and looked up. Once again he saw the handsome face of the twink. "He looked more handsome with his hair pulled back," Eduardo thought. 

"Yeah," Eduardo smiled and stood up slowly, struggling to prevent the twink from seeing his bulging pants.

"Can I know where the changing room is?" he showed the real forced anal against her will Adidas black leather sling bag he held in his left hand, indicating that he"d enough of surfing and wanted to dry himself. 

"I, uh," Eduardo forced the words out of his mouth, "on my way there too. Why not you tag along?" he bent down to coil the chain.
"Thanks, man," the twink ran his right hand through his wet blonde tresses. "I'm Brett."

"Eduardo," Eduardo returned the gesture. His grip was firm, and Eduardo felt like not wanting to let go. 

"So," Brett began, signaling Eduardo to let go of his hand. 

"Sorry," Eduardo smiled in embarrassment and let go of Brett's hand. Brett smiled warmly and shrugged. Eduardo immediately climbed onto his Bianchi Milano bike and paddled slowly, making sure Brett was right beside him. "Let's get going."

"You"re not from around here aren't you?" Eduardo started the conversation, trying to cover up for his silly mistake.

"My friends and I are from New York. We"re here for the summer," Brett looked into Eduardo's eyes as he replied. Eduardo looked deeply into Brett's piercing blue eyes. "Cute," he thought. His fantasy of making love with Brett popped up into his mind again, and it caused his cock to create a tent in his pants.

"Whoa! Look out," Brett warned. But it was too late. Eduardo fell off his bike as he failed to avoid a big rock that was in his track.

"You okay?" Brett helped Eduardo to sit up. He looked at Eduardo's leg and saw a cut at his left ankle. 

"I'm good," Eduardo brushed the sands off his white uniform. 

"Your ankle's bleeding," Brett pointed out.

Eduardo tried to rotate his ankle, but screamed in pain as he felt a current of extreme pain shot up his leg. "Damn it!"

"Put an arm around me," Brett slung his bag pack across his chest as he bent down.

"What?" Eduardo was appalled.

"I'm going to carry you to the changing room," Brett slung Eduardo's left arm around his neck when he realized that Eduardo was slow to xnxxv sunny leone video react.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Eduardo looked into Brett's eyes once again.

"Man, you"re injured and the least I can do is help," Brett slowly put his right arm under Eduardo's legs and his left arms supported his back. 
Eduardo on the other hand was enjoying having Brett hugging him. Brett's tanned skin felt smooth against his and this sent a tingle down to his now throbbing cock. "It's like a dream come true," he thought to himself.