The Swinging Anniversary

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Swinging Anniversary

We had talked about doing it even before we got married, but now for our 10th Anniversary, we were finally doing it?taking a vacation to Hedonism.

After 10 years of marriage and 2 kids, my wife was even hotter than when we were dating. At 31, she was sexier, and had a better body than I xxx sex video download free com could ever remember. 5ft 6, and 110 lbs, Carol had all the physical attributes to drive a man crazy ? a flat stomach, a small /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass, and beautiful nipples that look like big gum-drops perched on her perfect 36C breasts. In other words, she had a body built for sex.

In spite of that body, Carol was always pretty reserved, which meant that so was our sex life. Now we had great sex, and plenty of it, but it was fairly straight-forward stuff, and even thought we both talked a good game, sex only involved the two of us, and some occasional toys. But that was about to change.

There is something about going on vacation that brings out the wild side of most women, and Carol was no different. And so the heightened sense of adventure coupled with the atmosphere of Hedonism combined to create the perfect atmosphere for Carol to act out her previously dormant wild-side.

As we checked in our hotel, we were told that the resort had two distinct sections: nude and prude. Other than the issue of clothing, we inquired about other less obvious differences. We were informed that on the nude side of the resort, not only is complete nudity in public very common, but so was open sexual activity in designated areas. Before I could offer a response, Carol responded with ?nude is fine?. Needless to say, I was shocked, and immediately sporting a full hard-on. That was the first of many surprises, and hard-ons, during that week.

After our long flight we were both tired, and both fell asleep on the bed for a nap. As I woke up, I noticed that Carol was wearing her bathing suit cover-up, and was obviously preparing to head to the pool. She asked me to join her, so I immediately changed into my trunks, and we headed out towards the pool. Now since we were staying on the ?nude? side of the resort, the beach and pool were both clothing optional, but not mandatory nude. As we arrived at the pool, the crowd was big, and very diverse. There were a few folks wearing some or parts of suits, many others that should have been, and what was the largest gathering of naked bodies I had ever seen. As I has laying out the towels on our chairs, and getting settled in, I suddenly noticed that Carol had removed her cover-up, and was completely nude. My jaw almost hit the floor. Obviously taking this very seriously, I could also tell that she had just shaved her pussy completely bald. And as if that we not enough, she asked, ?Do you notice anything else?? Now as if seeing your totally hot wife standing completely nude in front of you and about 300 total strangers, I noticed that she had beautiful gold loops through her fully-erect nipples. Before I could even utter a word, she reminded me that since I was traveling on business the entire week before our vacation, she took that opportunity to have her nipples pierced. And since I was out of town, it was pretty easy for her to conceal her hot little secret. Well it goes without saying, but two things were now apparent ? Carol had made plans for a very interesting week, and my massive hard-on had left me in absolutely no condition to join her in ?clothing optional?. So I kept my trunks on for the next two hours as she layed completely nude on her lounge chair?first on her stomach, then finally on her back. From behind my sunglasses, I was torn between staring at her hot, glistening nude body, and watching the looks that she was getting, from both /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women.

After several hours of relaxing and some pretty sexually-charged conversations, I finally told Carol that we needed to head back to the room, or I was going to have to screw her right there. Just about the time she said ?go for it, big boy?, we both looked up to see a man and woman standing in front of us. They introduced themselves as Jason and Laura, and they looked to be in their last 20s or early 30s. Laura was wearing a very small white thong bikini that did very little to conceal a body that could only be described as ?smokin?!!

Jason said that they had both noticed Carol, and were very impressed. He then asked, ?Do you guys swing?? Now I may not be the brightest guy around, but I had already been surprised by my wife several times that day, so I chose instead to take a long, slow sip from my beverage, rather than offer up a truthful ?no?. I cut my eyes to Carol, and as if on queue, she said, ?Yes, we love to swing.? So any doubts about the direction this vacation was going to take rapidly vanished with her response. Over the next 2-3 minutes, we introduced ourselves and exchanged room numbers. As Jason and Laura turned to leave, they said, ?Maybe we?ll see you at the Lagoon tonight.? We said that this was our first time at this resort, and were unfamiliar with the Lagoon. Jason informed us that the Lagoon was where the real ?action? happened at night. He described it as the place you go for only one purpose ? sex. Furthermore, it was a virtual orgy, with a complete ?swing? theme. Sex in any combination, with any number of participants, was likely to be seen, All this in a beach-side, outdoor setting with a large pool, several large hot tubs, and a dozen or so couches. Clearly our curiosity was peaked, so the only response we could offer was, ?sure, we?ll probably see you there.?

I don?t remember ever walking so fast in my life as we did on the trip back to our room. As if the previous two hours by the pool weren?t sexxxx video ful hd enough, our final conversation with Jason and Laura had pushed us both to the sexual boiling point. I no sooner had shut the door than Carol had removed her cover-up, and was leading me by the hand out on to our ocean-side balcony. She then pulled my shorts to the floor, grabbed my cock, and wrapped her lips around the pre-cum soaked head. Now Carol was never one that liked for me to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth, but she starting sucking on my cock like never before, and stopped long enough to look up at me and say? I want you to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth!? Not wishing to disappoint her, I held on and after several minutes of intense mouth-work, I delivered a full load of hot cum on to her waiting tongue. She then swallowed what
I had deposited, and then proceeded to suck dry my spent cock.

After a wonderful, romantic dinner, we came back to our room and changed into some more ?appropriate? attire ? Carol in a see-thru cover-up that barely covered her firm little ass, and nothing underneath, and me in a pair of loose-fitting work-out shorts, with nothing underneath ? and headed towards the Lagoon.

As we arrived, things seemed fairly tame, with 20-25 people in various hot-tubs, or sitting by the edge of the pool. However, as we got closer, the extent of the action was becoming more obvious. Two couples were having sex in the pool, while one woman was sitting on the edge of a hot tub while another woman slowly ate her pussy. Over in another corner we saw two very attractive older women sharing a /large/large-cocks/very-large-cock/">very large cock that belonged to a man who appeared to be about half their age. But it was the next thing that really caught our attention?especially Carol?s attention. Sitting on one of the couches was this beautiful blonde that was being ?serviced? by two very well-built, tanned men. As the men stood on either side of her, she would stroke one cock while sucking on the other. Then alternate. But the thing that really caught Carol?s attention was the size of the cocks of these two guys. They were not just big; they were two of the largest cocks either of us had ever seen.

Now I mentioned earlier that our sex life had previously been rather straight-forward. And while porn was definitely not a regular part of our sex-life, Carol and I had used it on 3 or 4 occasions during our marriage (mainly when we were on vacation). And during those episodes, it became very apparent that the sight of a big, fat cock would drive Carol wild. And the bigger, the better.